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Labour abstains from election vote in historic Parliamentary session

© Pixabay

The Labour Party have decided to abstain from the vote that would have ensured an election would take place on October 15th.

“The first leader of the opposition in history” has decided not to vote for an election when given the opportunity said Boris Johnson, following a day of drama in Parliament.

The leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn was not in attendance, and Labour officially abstained from the vote. 298 MPs voted for the election to take place, however the threshold was not reached under the Fixed Term Parliament Act.

“He does not think he will win!” claimed the Prime Minister after Corbyn decided not to show up for the result.

However, after Boris Johnson’s 4th vote defeat, the Conservatives now have to contend with legislation being passed that would force the government to extend Article 50. The House of Lords will now debate the Bill before it receives Royal Assent. There remains a risk however that there is not sufficient time to get it approved. If it does receive Royal Assent, then a vote on a general election is likely to pass with Labour support.

Will Labour get the chance to make a second vote on an election before Parliament is suspended? This could take place in the coming days, but time is running out.