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A UK election is imminent as 100,000 people apply to register in 48 hours

© Thomas Kelley

The Brexit showdown continues today with the possibility of an election edging closer and a large upswing in voter registration.

Boris Johnson has threatened a snap election after 21 Conservative MPs rebelled in last night’s heated parliamentary showdown – which also led to a large number of memes flooding Twitter after Jacob Rees-Mogg slouched across the benches.

An influx of new applications for voter registration have come from younger voters in the past several hours. According to The Guardian, more than 52,000 applications were sent in on Monday, with the number climbing to 64,485 on Tuesday.

Without a majority in Parliament, Boris Johnson is unable to pass a no-deal Brexit, or even any alternative deal. And without a majority in Parliament, it becomes impossible to pass legislation without the support of other parties.

It is likely that a snap election will be called on later today, which Parliament will have to vote on. The SNP have already suggested they will back it, but Labour are against it, however their position may change in the coming hours.