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Brexit showdown live blog


The Brexit showdown is underway between political parties in the UK as Parliament returns to debate the next steps for Britain. Read the latest political commentary and analysis from our live blog below. (click the read more button to read previous entries)

  • That’s it for today

    We will be back!

  • ‘Spreadsheet Phil’ among Tory MPs being kicked out

    All 21 MPs including Philip Hammond that voted against the government tonight are to be kicked out of the Conservative party in the House of Commons.

  • A vote for a general election

    Possibility of a vote by tomorrow evening on a general election following events this evening.

  • “Let us have an election!”

    SNP calls for an election to stop a no-deal Brexit.

  • Order Order!

    Bercow responds to a heckling MP with trademark humour: “When he turns up at our children’s school as a parent, he’s a very well behaved fellow. He wouldn’t dare behave like that…then rant. Behave yourself. Be a good boy man!”