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New £3.5bn investment in education announced for 2022

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The Prime Minister plans to bolster education in the UK with a commitment to increasing spending by £3.5 billion by 2022.

The new funding will go towards supporting children with disabilities and special needs, with funds going to primary, secondary schools and further education colleges.

Part of the package will also enable school teachers to have starting salaries of £30,000 a year with additional cash available to help support academy trusts that have been cash starved since the 2008 recession.

Funding per pupil will rise and more resources will be available for teachers as a result of the funding boost, part a package of support pledged by Boris Johnson’s government. Following cost pressures at a number of schools across the UK, there have been growing calls to plug the funding gap and provide additional backing to schools that have not been able to invest in new teaching materials and other important resources.

At the end of August, The Education Secretary added that “Children only get one chance at a good education. This must start in the very earliest years because a child’s development at age five can determine their chances later in life, which is why we are investing £3.5 billion in our early education entitlements this year alone.”

As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, education, health, policing and defence are among a number of sectors that will benefit from increased government support, and it is anticipated that the UK’s annual EU budget will be invested in the UK to support a variety of industries and public services.

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